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Passkey 9 Now Decrypts a DVD in Around 10s, and Blu-rays to Follow Suit Soon

September 27th, 2016 by DVDFab_Malcolm 17,670 views

Suppose you can decrypt a DVD disc in around 10s in the future, instead of the current average of 2 minutes, what do you think? Traditional decrypting tools that rely completely on the PC software clients to do the decryption job are gradually being edged out as we gradually enter the cloud computing era. Now we feel very proud to say that you do not have to wait any longer into the future to benefit from the new technology, as Passkey 9 has already made the transfer from the conventional decryption means to the cloud-based approach. You can get your hands on it now to see how the cloud-based decryption changes the way how you decrypt a disc.




Here is also a video comparing Passkey 9 to Passkey 8 in decrypting a DVD disc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD6Dk7bModw


Background: why Passkey 9 can improve the decryption speed so dramatically?


With the experience of PathPlayer, DVDFab Media Player and BluPath technology, Fengtao Software has determined to upgrade its decryption means to the next level, and we would like to call it DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service, abbreviated as DVDFab CDS. This is to say, the decryption data for both DVDs and Blu-rays are now being put into the Secure Decryption Databank on our server. The great advantages of doing so can be briefly summarized in the following three aspects.


–   Decryption for DVDs are now done in a matter of seconds

–   Heavily protected Secure Decryption Databank

–   Support the newest protections as soon as we can


Passkey 9 is the first product from Fengtao Software to apply the DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service, and soon it will also be applied in the upcoming DVDFab 10. Also, in the early stage, only the decryption for DVDs is improved, however, Blu-rays are surely to follow suit soon in the following updates.


For more information about DVDFab Cloud Decryption Service, please visit: http://www.dvdfab.cn/cloud_decryption.htm

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