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Will 3D Video Take the Place of 2D video?

July 18th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 16,956 views

With the boom up of 3D film technology, 3D playing media and devices are becoming more and more popular in our daily life such as 3D Blu-ray Discs, 3D Blu-ray Player, 3D TV, 3D PC Screen,3D Graphic Card, 3D media player and much more. In most cases, 3D glass is necessary for people to enjoy 3D videos with a 3D displaying devices. However, with the development of Glass-Free 3D Technology, people can enjoy 3D videos without wearing 3D glasses. This will make 3D video more approachable to all of us. Does this mean the 3D video shall take the place of 2D video?

As we know 3D technology has existed for a long time since 1950’s. It has experienced some ups and downs. Recently it has been becoming popular with many 3D movies released. Meanwhile, 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray Disc, 3D Blu-ray player has come into people’s life. 3D technology is also applied in computer and mobile phone after the development of glass-free 3D technology. Now let’s get down to the features of 3D video technology.

3D video technology is derived from the 3D film technology, which was premiered at the end of 20th century. Six or eight cameras with real-time depth measurement are typically used to capture 3D-video streams. The format of 3D-video is fixed in MPEG-4 Part 16 Animation Framework extension (AFX). With the development, 3D videos can be in different formats now, such AVI, MKV, WMV and so on. There are several types of 3D videos according to its techniques: anaglyph, (red blue), interlaced, field-sequential, parallel, cross-eye view.

3D Glasses are always equipped for 3D displaying devices to show you a 3D video effect in front of your eyes. There are different types of 3D glasses for different 3D video types. Currently, most 3D videos are 3D glasses required. There are three popular 3D glasses: Binocular vision, Red/Blue or Red/Green, and polarization 3D glasses. The former two 3D displaying methods are commonly used in theater or at home. While the polarization 3D are commonly used in computer animation.

Glass-Free 3D technology is also called “autostereoscopy”, is any method of displaying stereoscopic images (adding perception of 3D depth) without the use of special headgear or glasses on the part of the viewer. The technology includes two broad approaches used in some of them to accommodate motion parallax and wider viewing angles: those that use eye-tracking, and those that display multiple views so that the display does not need to sense where the viewers’ eyes are located. Examples of auto stereoscopic displays include parallax barrier, lenticular, volumetric, electro-holographic, and light field displays. The Glass-Free 3D technology is newly developed and shall be gradually applied in 3D TV, smart phones, and computers.

The development of 3D video technology has raised the wave of “3D TV and 3D home theatre”. People would like to buy 3D playing devices such as 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray player, 3D PC Screen, or the other PC components with 3D displaying functions supported. With the premiere of the first 3D Smartphone, there’s a rush for 3D phones such as Sharp, HTC, iPhone, they all rush for 3D displaying with glass-free 3D technology.

The boom up of 3D technology has brought in the needs of 2D to 3D conversion. As 3D videos and 3D movies are not widely applied, most movies, especially DVD movies or other videos are common 2D videos. The 2D to 3D conversion shall let people enjoy 3D videos freely. If you like to enjoy the 3D version of the movie, just convert the 2D movie to 3D and enjoy it on 3D playing devices such as 3D TV or computer with 3D displaying screens. In order to meet this need, DVDFab has developed the first full-function 2D to 3D converter in the world.

DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter can help you to not only convert 2D video to 3D video but also convert 2D DVD/Blu-ray to 3D videos. You can easily enjoy it on your 3D TV or computer screen. This 2D to 3D video converter will provide you another different experience. It will be helpful to the promotion of 3D video, film, Blu-ray, TV industry to some extent.

In conclusion, 3D video technology seems to be the trend in the near future. With the wide spread and application of 3D or glass-free 3D technology in our daily life, perhaps, someday, the common 2D video shall be replaced by the 3D video. Most people like 3D video because the 3D video provides us a “in the movie” visual experience. It is much real and vivid right? What’s your opinion? Just share your idea with us.

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