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Tips and Issues on Backup Blu-ray and DVD with DVDFab

October 11th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 111,491 views

If you are the movie fans and would like to backup your favorite Blu-ray and DVDs, or on some occasions you need to backup your DVD or Blu-ray video discs (made by yourself), this article will offer you some tips and other info on blu-ray and DVD backup.

In our daily life, we may need to backup some video or DVD / DVD discs for the storage purpose or some other reason. For example, if you made a DVD Video disc to record an event, it would be better if you have a backup. Just use the backup to play in a DVD or Blu-ray player and keep the original in a proper place.
So the original disc shall not be scratched, several years later, you will find the original disc is new as ever. Or you have just bought a precious music disc or movie disc, just make a backup. Watch the backup with your blu-ray player or other player devices, so that you will keep the original new as ever.

Tips on Blu-ray and DVD Backup:

What do we need to backup Blu-ray and DVD discs?

In order to backup Blu-ray and DVDs, you need the following things:

  1. Original disc ( Blu-ray or DVD Disc you want to backup)
  2. Target disc
  3. Blu-ray or DVD drive
  4. A computer
  5. Blu-ray and

How to backup DVD and Blu-ray discs?

After you finish the installation of DVD and Blu-ray backup software on your computer, DVDFab DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy, for instance, then check your blu-ray drive or DVD drive to ensure them work properly, then let’s go.

First, start DVDFab and insert your original disc into your Blu-ray or DVD drive.

Install and launch DVDFab, a “Welcome to DVDFab” screen will show. Choose “DVD Copy” option. You can click the check box on the left bottom “Do not show again” to skip this screen in the future and then click “Start DVDFab” on the right bottom.

After you insert your DVD or Blu-ray to the BD or DVD Drive, DVDFab will ask you to set the region code of your discs, select the related region of your country and click OK.

Second, Click DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy and select the related copy mode.

After click DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy, you will find several copy modes on the left sidebar including: full disc, main movie, split, clone and so on. They are listed on the left sidebar; you can select anyone according to your needs.

Third, customize your Blu-ray and DVD backup with the common settings.

If you have special needs such as compress the disc or split one disc into several chapters or merge discs, just click the green question mark on the user interface of DVDFab, define the output settings.

In the left navigation bar of the Common Settings window, you can select “General” to set your preferred output directory; you can choose “DVD/Blu-ray” to select the burning engine, and set the write speed and write type if you need. The default settings work just fine for those wanting simple copies; you can go to “DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy” to specify the default output size and output type.

Note: The “General” option of the Common Settings window also has multiple functions as below for you to choose. After making all the settings we want, just click “OK” to return to the main interface.

Fourth, define the target of your backup

You need to define the target path for your Blu-ray and DVD backup. If you want to copy DVD to your hard drive, click or to select a file folder or ISO file as target. If you want to copy DVD to a blank disc, you should select DVD burner as the destination.

Fifth, click start button to finish the ripping process.

Click the “Start Button” DVDFab will try to rip the Blu-ray and DVD content to your PC drive. This process may take 15-20 minutes or longer.

Last, start to burn your Blu-ray or DVD content to blank discs

After the ripping process is completed, you will be asked to insert a blank disc for burning. Then insert one to start burning process. The burning progress can also be seen.

After some time, a message “Process Completed Successfully” will show, click “OK”. If you are trying to make Blu-ray and DVD backups to ISO, you just need to define the output file type as ISO

Issues on DVD / Blu-ray Backup:

Is it legal to backup Blu-ray or DVD?

This issue has been in argument for many years. In most countries, it’s illegal to circumvent the CSS and AACS in any forms. Thus, Blu-ray and DVD backup would be at a risk of defying the Digital Copyright Act.

However, in some countries, the law allows people to make a single backup for the purchased DVD or Blu-ray for the learning and research purpose. While in some other countries, you can freely deal with the things you purchased but you can’t infringe the copy right. That means you backup the Blu-ray and DVD discs then spread them. The law may allow your backup but don’t allow you to spread the backed up content or use the backed up content in commercial occasion.

According to our understanding, you may make single Blu-ray and DVD backup for your purchased discs for the purpose of storage, learning and research. But any form of spreading the backed up content is illegal. Sometimes, you will find it unfair. As you have purchased the Blu-ray or DVD Disc, it means the disc is your own property. You have the right to deal with your own property, right? This will be debated for years and the overall opinion is that you should be able to make a copy as a backup if it’s for personal use only.

The last thing is that if the DVD or Blu-ray is recorded by yourself, for example, you made a Blu-ray or DVD Disc to memorize the happy time or event, it means you have the whole right to the Blu-ray and DVD discs, you can freely copy, rip, convert and backup them.