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The Most Anticipated Monster Smartphones Coming up in the Second Half of 2013

May 14th, 2013 by DVDFab_Malcolm 14,255 views

Since the first sunrise in 2013, we’ve witnessed a plethora of great smartphone releases already. HTC made a sink or swim comeback with its astoundingly and beautifully crafted HTC One, aiming at regaining the lost territory. Samsung launched the successor to its last year Flagship Galaxy S3. Like it or not, Galaxy S4 is one of most anticipated and biggest releases in the calendar year of 2013. Now it’s nearly half of 2013 is gone, what can we expect in the next half? Let’s take a snap shot on what are the highly speculated monster smartphones coming on the way during the next two calendar quarters.


# Next generation iPhone from Apple


Called it iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6, or whatever the name is, the next generation iPhone will surely to come this year, possibly as early as late June or as late as in early October. Innovations? Don’t expect too much if it is iPhone 5S, aside from the similar size and shape, you may potentially see a slightly upgraded processor, some software incentives. According to speculations, there might also be a budget iPhone with various colors and plastic bodies to take on Samsung, HTC, Sony and Google. If this were the case, there must be a huge spec shrink, compared to the decent iPhone models. Of course, if it is iPhone 6, Apple will dub is again with commercials like “the greatest iPhone since iPhone”, “All new design”, etc, and together with the debut of iOS 7, iPhone 6 will come up with an A7 processor, third generation Corning Glass (or maybe Sapphire glass?), even a 5.0 screen? Only time can tell.


# Next Note from Galaxy lineups of Samsung



If you are one of the guys who prefer smartphones with massive screens, then Samsung is your best bet. As the successor to Note 2, Galaxy Note 3 is said to present a metal body. What is the matter in this chaotic world of smartphones, Apple goes plastic, while HTC, Samsung go aluminum? Only when taking a metal body can be a smart phone considered superior? The Note 2 is already becoming a street phone and S4 is going to replicate that, so why fix what isn’t broken? Well, Samsung seemingly is hoping to better the one that is not broken, not trying to fix it. So, Galaxy Note 3, what can we see? A larger display, a larger battery, a Snapdragon 800 or eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor clocked at 2GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 1080p next gen AMOLED display, and a body with a more premium feel? Maybe.


# The Next Nexus


Google, an undeniable important player in smart phone sector whose Android OS makes a sea of samrthphone producers possible, will bring the next Nexus phone to the table this year. As we may remember, Google always brings a major refreshing to every smartphone they release, both in terms of hardware, and in terms of software. Why look forward to the next Nexus device? Speedy updates, awesome software and top-of-the-line hardware. And what will appear on this forthcoming Nexus? 1080p, 5inch display? Anyone who loves Google experience should cast an eagle’s eye on the web. Finally, who will win the bid to manufacture this Nexus? Will it be LG again? We’ll see.


Okay, above is just a very short list of several big names to come in the next half of this year, there are still many others in store, like LG Optimus G2, the long talked Motorola X, Sony i1, and the super camera phone from NOKIA, all are about to fight for their own corners! Before any real things surface, the only we can do is to pack our patience up, then wait and see.


Do remember one thing, no matter what finally comes up, DVDFab will be the one in software sectors responding fast to these new monster devices. DVDFab 9 has already added support to rip DVD, Blu-ray and other videos into compatible videos which are playable on HTC one, and Samsung Galaxy S4.






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