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Social Network Giant Will Announce a Facebook Phone Tomorrow?

April 3rd, 2013 by DVDFab_Malcolm 14,511 views

Would you mind replacing your current phone with a Facebook phone? As known, Apple is famous for its strictly controlled ecosystem, which is a combined lineup both vertically and horizontally, and seemingly has zero possibility to change, as least in the years we can see. The pro is that Apple controls everything, from A to Z, but the con (if there is one) is that Apple is seemingly losing potentials of gaining more markets by opening its iOS and OS X platform to allow other hardware manufacturers make forked versions, just like what Android is doing.


However, things tend to be slightly different in the past few years. It seems that big names are making waves in tech sectors, in an Apple manner. Amazon brings in an e-reader named Kindle Fire which doubles as an tablet, Google stages Nexus 4 smart phone and Nexus 7/10 tablets, and Microsoft then rolls out its own Surface lineup, now even Facebook is seeking a niche in the hardware arena, prepping in a smart phone announcement targeted on April 4, with its dubbed icon referred as “Facebook Home”? Is it becoming a trend in tech sector that traditional Internet-based companies and software folks are trying to make some noises in hardware field? Are they trying to copy Apple’s way of doing things?


As speculated among cyber space, Facebook, the social network titan, will unveil a deeply integrated phone which runs a rumored Android interface but has its own name called “Facebook Home”, on April 4. An unspecified source tells that Facebook wants to have some new Android-related experience, and this source also leaks Facebook’s invitation which reads “Come See Our New Home on Android.” Another source, on the other hand, says that Facebook is considering making some OS modifications so that it possibly can take over that Android device by replacing the Home screen with its own Facebook-based user interface. Does this mean that Facebook has done with its own personalized Android version?


Whether it is a Facebook branded phone that runs Android OS, an Android phone made by some unknown or notable names with tie-in Facebook apps, or an Android phone carrying Facebook Home OS, a customized Android version like HTC’s Sense, and Xiaomi’s MIUI, everything will be made straight in less than 24 hours.

In both cases, DVDFab will keep an eagle’s eye on the move and will make special profiles for it, as soon as its specs make their way to daylight. Just stay tuned!