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Microsoft Force Win 7 Out to Put Win 8 in Replacement?

March 7th, 2012 by DVDFab_Malcolm 13,835 views

February 29th, 2012, Microsoft released another beta version of its next generation Operating System, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, build 8250, five months and a half away from its release of Developer Preview on September 13th, 2011. As taled, the classic Start Orb is gone, which is the first time in Microsoft history, since Window 95. In replacement, Windows 8 has a brand new Start screen, in Metro style. According to statistics, more than 100,000 changes or improvements have been made since the developer version goes public. In the first day of its release, Windows 8 Consumer Preview is downloaded one million times, Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows product division of Microsoft, is quoted as saying so.


Here come the doubts, will Windows 8 bring revolutionary change to Microsoft OS? Will customers accept Windows 8 as they do to Windows 7? Accept it or not, Windows 8 is on its way replacing Windows 7. As it always does so as an unspoken rule not only by Microsoft, but also by others Corporations as well. Think of Windows XP, which Microsoft stops selling on June 30th, 2008 and will terminate all its tech supply in the spring of 2014. Unless Windows 8 turns out to be an interim product, just like Windows Vista does to Windows 7, or it is destined to be the successor.


Now, let’s have a panoramic review of Windows 8 to see what’s new:


Firstly, Start Page: If touch screen is a newbie to Windows 7, yes, Windows 7 partly supports touch screen, then in Windows 8, people will see that this touch screen tech grows into maturity. It will be far beyond users can expect to see. In Windows 8 Consumer Preview, users are offered to launch the programs they need from an army of tiles instead of menus, quickly and accurately. They will also experience a much better handwriting recognition system and use the built-in on-screen keyboard like those found on many smart phones. Of course, this does not deny the fact that users are still granted to use a traditional keyboard and mouse, if they feel necessary to do so. Amazing! This brings us the same impression as on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, is Microsoft trying to catch up or just simply imitating?

Secondly, User Interface: People getting used to the plain, dull, tedious Start Menu dominating the PC world for years may feel somewhat uncomfortable at the Stage Page of Windows 8, from which people image a Windows 7 based cell phone screen. You can locate the targeted program and then click the Start Button to return to the Start Page. Again, similar to Mac OS and iOS, if you can manipulate an iPhone or i-Touch well enough, you absolutely will not get lost on iMac or on Macbook.


Thirdly, Multiple Screen: One computer, two display monitors, even more? This is no longer news in the past several years, what Windows 8 achieves is that it makes multiple-screen much easier to access. Suppose that having the Start Page on one screen and running programs on another. The most stunning thing is that the screen appearance can be changed on each monitor. This is definitely a heart content to the multi-task lovers, who prefer the complete customization of each screen.


Fourthly, Portable Windows: Ever heard of installing an OS on a USB drive and take it wherever you want? With Windows 8, this is not a moon’s shadow in the water any more, customers can place Windows 8 on a USB drive and load the Windows image on another Windows 7 or Windows 8 based computer. This feature will change the way people work because they can take the identical computer environment back home and work there.


Fifthly, Windows Store: To millions of Apple users, Apple Store is a must-have. Well, from Windows 8 on, people will witness a transplant of this kind of store from Apple to Microsoft. What’s Bill doing? Is it the strategy to copy Steve? Well, we do not know the answer. But what we do see from Windows 8 Consumer Preview is that the upcoming Windows Store is very much like Apple’s, and users need to purchase it from Microsoft to use on their Windows 8 machine. Good or bad? Both. The loss of creativity trades off the safety of the apps, because Microsoft will be responsible to test each app before loading to its store.

Sixthly, File System: Surprisingly, Windows 8 introduces a new File System called “Protogon”. Due to the fact that the NTFS file system was introduced with Windows NT in 1993, almost 20 years ago, Microsoft may feel a right time to debut the next generation file system. If so, Microsoft need to create a carrier, Windows 8, is a no second choice. Any device connected to the new system will display its detailed information.


Seventhly, Other Features: Windows 8 introduces a new “Hybrid Boot” option, which uses “advanced hibernation functionality” on shutdown, largely shortening the startup time; A ribbon interface for Windows Explorer, a PDF reader called Modern Reader, an updated task manager called Modern Task Manager and native ISO mounting; A built in Internet Explorer 10 with more advance features, which will take advantage of hardware-acceleration for faster browsing and better performance; A “reset” function which will eliminate a virus and keep your data secure.


Okay, above are something about Windows 8 Consumer Preview, of which, some may be present in the final Windows 8, others may not. It’s hard for us non insiders to predict. One thing we are sure of is that Microsoft will one day stop selling Windows 7 to pace way for Windows 8 market, like it always does, unless, like Vista, a transitional OS. Maybe we will see Windows 9, instead of Windows 8? Never know!! But, in either way, Windows 7 is destined to be ousted.