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Meet the DVDFab Remote — Monitor the Real-time Task Progress of DVDFab on Your Smart Phone

November 1st, 2016 by DVDFab_Malcolm 112,932 views

Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and the convenience of installing applications, people now can do a lot of things on their smart phones, some of which might have nothing to do with their phones, such as installing a remote app to use the phone as a way to control their smart TVs. Now we feel very proud to introduce you the DVDFab Remote, a mobile application designed for DVDFab users to monitor the real-time task information from their iOS or Android phones or tablets anywhere in their houses.


Why DVDFab Remote


Why would I be interested by this mobile app? Suppose you have the entire 4th season of the House of Cards which you want to watch on your smart phone, but just don’t have enough time to sit down at your computer to perform the conversion task. Now with DVDFab Remote, you don’t have to worry about this, you can just start the conversion job with DVDFab client, and then do other important things in your house, as DVDFab Remote will keep you timely updated with the task information in DVDFab client, by receiving push notifications on your smart screen. All that left for you is, if there is a popup window in DVDFab client which may ask you to perform an action, there will be a push notification showing up on your phone, and upon receiving the push notification, just go back to your computer desk and execute that action.


How DVDFab Remote works


DVDFab Remote works in two ways. When there are currently tasks running in DVDFab client, users can open DVDFab Remote on their smart phones to check the real-time task information, like which one has finished successfully, which one has failed, which one is still waiting to be started, and also the task complete percentage, estimated time remaining, etc. They can be timely updated by these detailed information without paying a visit to the computer that is running those tasks in DVDFab client in the corner of a certain room in the house; on the other hand, while DVDFab client is running some tasks on its own, and users are doing other things in another room, DVDFab Remote will receive timely push notification on their phones if an action in DVDFab client is required. It is at that time when they actually need to go to the computer to take that certain action, like inserting a blank media to continue a burning task, or dismissing a dialog window, etc.


A few other things to know


For the time being, DVDFab Remote works only with DVDFab 10 which is still in the Alpha version. To download the latest DVDFab 10 Alpha version, you need to visit the official forum at http://forum.dvdfab.cn/forumdisplay.php?f=69, and to download and install DVDFab Remote, you have two ways, one is to download the APK file directly from the above-mentioned link, and the other way is to scan the QR code available at Common Settings > General > Remote section of DVDFab 10 Common Settings panel, and then perform the download on your Android phone. While to the iPhone users, you will have to wait for a little longer, the Remote app for iOS should be released soon.


For more information about how to use DVDFab Remote, please refer to the detailed walkthrough available at http://www.dvdfab.cn/manual/introduction/DVDFab-Remote