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Get Ready for Glasses-Free 3D Age? Toshiba ZL2 55-inch Glasses Free 3D TV launched at IFA

September 15th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 16,577 views

Do you have a 3D TV, or do you have any plans to buy a 3D TV? If so, it might a fabulous idea to buy glasses-free 3D TV. Glasses-Free 3D TV is a 3D TV that allows you to enjoy true 3D motions and videos without wearing 3D Glasses.
A week before, Toshiba demoed its brand new glasses-free 3D TV called 55-inch ZL2 at IFA. It means another breakthrough in glasses-free 3D technology. This ZL2 3D TV allows you to display 3D Content and enjoy true 3D experience without wearing 3D glasses.

This is really a nice news for many people who want to enjoy 3D movie and video on 3D TV. Toshiba ZL2 3D TV has four times resolution as the current HD 3DTV at 3840×2160 pixels. It’s nearly 8.3million pixels. The picture shall be super. With true 3D displaying methods, you can easily get approach to the 3D movie and videos just on this 3D TV.


Another shining point shall be the Face-Tracking camera system. With this face-tracking camera, the TV can display the 3D motion and pictures variously according to the position of the viewer. In this way, the 3D effect shall have its best performance. You just feel as if you are in the scene of the video. The 3D Video display shall change when you change your positions in front of the 3D TV. However, some people say it sounds tricky. What if you have multiple viewers stay in the different positions to watch the same 3D TV? But Toshiba claimed that this 3D TV allows up to 9 people to watch 3D without glasses.


The technical principle for the reproduction of 3D in the set is called the stereoscopic method. In that one picture is produced for the right eye and simultaneously another picture is produced for the left eye which has a small offset. With 8.3 million pixels evenly target either left or right eye separately, there’s no 3D glasses needed.


No matter what, the 55-inch large screen shall be super for home theatre plus to the glasses-free 3D function. Of course, this glasses-free 3D TV shall cost you more money. But it will surely deserve to own.


The TV has a built-in Freeview HD, Toshiba’s Cevo engine support for USB hard drive video recording as well as Wi-Fi support. For those who are using an iPhone there would be a remote control app also provided along with the set.


Tohsiba has said the ZL2 will be available in the fourth quarter of the year. According to said, the price shall be around 8000 Euros.

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