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September 30th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 14,573 views

Famous for its DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper product series, DVDFab also works well in Blu-ray DVD Backup, 2D to 3D Conversion,Blu-ray 3D ripping and video conversion. In our daily life, you may want to rip or convert your blu-ray or dvd movies onto different devices. But how to select the best videos and what kind of videos are the best for certain devices such as iPad, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, Smart phones, ect has become a problem for many users.

DVDFab Profile Editor 8 is now available to solve this problem. DVDFab Profile Editor is a partner software (freeware) specially designed for DVDFab DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray 3D Ripper, and 2D to 3D Converter. Now, it only works with the latest version of DVDFab Qt ( It allows users to create video profile for suitable devices. Video profile is a video setting for certain devices, the video property data shall be stored in the video profile. Once you save a video profile with DVDFab Profile Editor, You will find your newly created video profile is applicable on the left navigation bar of DVDFab (version +). For example, if you have a newly purchased MP4 Player, it has special requirements for video resolution and bit rate, you just need to create a new video profile for your MP4 Player, set the video resolution, bit rate, frame rate or other parameters according to your player requirements. Then save your created profile as “AVI for XX (player name) Player”. After you create the profile, you can use it later on the left nav bar of DVDFab. Moreover, you can also share your created profile with other DVDFab users, so that all of us will need no longer to set the conversion settings. Just click select the related video profile and start the conversion.

DVDFab Profile Editor also allows users to create video profile for device. Just name the profile as device, so you can easily convert video for different devices with less effort. There are already some default devices listed by DVDFab. If you have a new device, just create a video profile for later use. You can easily add device or delete device as you want. Once the device is added, you can easily convert videos for the device by click to “the device” on the left nav bar of DVDFab. Another exciting point is that DVDFab Prfoiel Editor allows you to add 3D Devices. By adding 3D Devices, you can easily convert 2D Videos into suitable 3D Videos with DVDFab much more easier. DVDFab Profile Editor is very easy to use, you may try it out at the following link:


Learn more about profile editor at:



If you still don’t know how to use this DVDFab Profile Editor, please read our tutorial at:



DVDFab will always get ready to update for the better user experience. The recent update enables DVDFab support the copy and backup for many new movies including:


“Thor” (US), “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (US), and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (Germany); Blu-ray Copy supports new BD+ protection on “Star Wars” (all countries) all round.


What are you waiting for? Just update your DVDFab and enjoy all what you have with DVDFab. If you have any feedback or other problems, please feel free to contact us or just post a reply to the post.