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DVDFab Facebook Campaign for DVDFab Mac Version shall Come to an End at the End of This Month.

August 26th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 14,680 views

DVDFab Holiday season campaign Episode 3, which lasted from August 1, 2011 shall come to an end at the end of this month. Currently, the only available campaign is the “ Upload your photos with DVDFab T-shirt, Win DVDFab Mac Version in future” The campaign requires you to upload your photos while wearing the DVDFab T-shirt, you will have a chance to win DVDFab T-shirt in future. If you are interested in wining a DVDFab Mac Version, please grasp the last few days and join the campaign!

During the holiday season, DVDFab lunched series of holiday season campaigns. The campaigns are divvied into three episode. Episode 1, enjoy higher discount than ever while buying DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift, Episode 2, Discount on DVDFab Blu-ray Toolkit Lifetime plus Free DVDFab T-shirt. Episode 3, upload photos with DVDFab T-shirt onto DVDFab Facebook Fan page, win DVDFab Mac Version.

Currently the holiday season campaign “Upload photos onto DVDFab Facebook Fan page win DVDFab Mac Version for Free” has been on for almost a month.

In this campaign, you are required to upload a photo of you with DVDFab T-shirt. Have you got an DVDFab T-shirt? Just wear it and take photos. Upload your favorite photos and ask others to vote the photo. If your photo are in the top 16, you will win DVDFab Mac version products as a prize in future. Now let’s get down to the details of the campaign:

Who will be the winner?

All DVDFab Users who have DVDFab T-shirt can join in the campaign, and you can ask your friends to “Like” your photos on DVDFab Facebook Fan Page. We will count the number of the “Like” for each photo after the end of the campaign (EST 24:00, August 31, 2011), and the owners of the most liked photos shall be the winners of the campaign.

What are the prizes?


  1. We respect your privacy, so if you don’t want to be recognized, just wear a hat, sun glasses, or even a mask in your photos. What’s important is your participation.
  2. Just upload your favorite photos in order to get the most “Like”, but the number of your photos shouldn’t be more than 3.
  3. We only take the one which gets the most “Like” of all your uploaded photos into account.
  4. The official Mac version of DVDFab products will be rolled out around Autumn.
  5. We promise that the discount for DVDFab All-In-One (Mac) you’ll get is definitely deeper than any other can get from the special offer when it’s released.
  6. We’ll contact you later to give away your prizes, just wait for good news!

Have you joined the campaign? This is the last chance for this campaign to get the future DVDFab Mac Version for free. If you have a DVDFab T-shirt, just upload your photos and ask other fans to vote for you.