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DVDFab DVD Copy Helps You to Clone DVD Rapidly.

September 5th, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 17,099 views

In our daily life, you may want to clone your DVD discs to make some backups for certain reasons. For example, you have made several DVDs on your home party, and you want to send them to your friend or family, or you have just bought a precious collection of DVD movies, you just want to keep it for collection. So those DVDs could not be played often as it will be scratched due to repeated read. If the DVD is scratched, it shall not be suitable for collection. The only suitable solution probably to make sure the DVD is only read for once. You may want to watch the movie for several times. How to make a balance? Right, just clone it.

Clone DVD is a process you copy the whole DVD content (including all language info, menu, start title, end title) and burn it to a new disc without compression. It contains the DVD rip and DVD burning process. The cloned DVD shall have the same video properties and quality. When you are cloning a DVD with DVD clone software, you may not see the copy process directly if you have two DVD drives connected on your computer. For example, you just connected two DVD drives on your computer, you just need to insert your source disc into one, the set the other as the target. The copy and burning process may be almost simultaneously, as the dvd content is copied during the reading process of the disc.

DVDFab DVD Copy is a professional DVD copy software that allows you to clone any DVD in fast speed and high quality.

You just need the latest version of DVDFab, then have it installed on your computer. The DVD clone can very easy, you just need several mouse clicks:

1.Open DVDFab

2.Insert your source disc (after you insert the source disc, the disc reading process begins)

3.Set the common settings (Once set, your settings shall be saved.)

After the program is successfully loaded the DVD, we can click the Common Settings button (the green button with a white check) to make some common settings.

In the left navigation bar of Common Settings window, you can set your preferred output directory in “General”; you can select the burning engine, and set the write speed and write type under the option of “DVD/Blu-ray”;you can go to “DVD Copy” to specify the default output size and output type.

Once you finished the common settings, click “OK” to return to the main interface.

4.Select the target, usually is the DVD drive. If you have two DVD drives connected with your computer, just select the wanted DVD drive.

5.Click start, DVDFab will rip the DVD content from the discs.

6.After the ripping completed, you will be asked to insert a blank disc into your DVD drive. Just insert a blank disc, the DVD burning process shall begin.

You may check DVD Copy – Clone DVD for more information.

Download the latest version of DVDFab at: http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm