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DVDFab 9: Your Life Companion to Convert Blu-ray Movies to Galaxy S4 Compatible Videos

March 15th, 2013 by DVDFab_Malcolm 13,251 views

It carries Google’s latest version of Jelly Bean 4.2.1. It holds a 2G RAM that many currently available phones on the market place do not have. It opts for an over-clocked PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU running at an impressive 533Mhz. It harbors quad-core + quad-core double CPUs. It imports a 5 inch AMOLED display with 1920 by 1080 pixels. It maximizes the storage up to 64G internal + 64G external.  It embeds a 13MP rear camera plus a 2MP front-facing one. It serves as your smart TV remote. It even sports an eye-tracking feature. Yes, it is the just-surfaced Samsung Galaxy S4, your life companion.



Time Square, New York time 19:00 March 14, Samsung proudly staged this highly-anticipated and much-rumored new flagship handset, whose predecessor Galaxy SIII scored extremely good market share, securing immediate global wide attention. The Galaxy S4 should hit a variety of markets in late April. Are you going to throw your money on it?


Among the many nice features it implemented, there was one caught my first attention, that’s the long-discussed eye-tracking technology, which some may call it Smart Pause. It allows the handset’s front facing camera to track your eye movements and then interacts smartly, such as to dim the screen when necessary, or to pause videos when your eyes are not concentrated on the display. The latter is no doubt a great feature to those moviephiles on the go. You won’t worry any more about missing your destination while in the subway, as you can freely shift your attention to check the subway map and shift back to the screen, continuing watching your movie from where it paused.


With such considerate feature planted in, why waste its 1080p full HD capable display with a 441 density? You can watch any movie you want on it, DVD, Blu-ray or other HD videos. You have DVDFab, the life companion of Galaxy S4, to rip your movie collections to watch on this splendid display.


Let’s detail the process, taking Blu-ray as demo.


Step 1: Download the latest version of DVDFab 9 at http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm and perform the setup file on your computer;


Step 2: Down load the profile from http://profile.dvdfab.com, and then double-click the “Galaxy S4.fabpfkpg9” file to install;


Step 3: “OK” the above dialog box to start up DVDFab 9, and then navigate to Ripper Tool’s main interface. You can see, at the bottom part where houses the Profile Box, that DVDFab will by default use Galaxy S4 as profile;



Step 4: Insert your Blu-ray disc into your computer optical drive so that DVDFab 9 can access, or click the add source button as illustrated in the above screenshot to load Blu-ray ISO or movie folder from your local media library on computer HDD;



Step 5: Hit the “Start” button at the bottom right corner of the interface to begin converting.


When the program finishes the converting job, you can then import the resulting video file into your Galaxy S4 and starting enjoying.



1. If you want to convert other videos like MKV, MOV etc for Galaxy S4, you need choose the “Convert” tool right next the “Ripper” tool (as shown in picture of step 3).

2. When the next version of DVDFab 9 comes out, you will be able to convert DVDs, Blu-rays and other videos for Galaxy S4 a lot easier, as it will integrate the profile into the internal profile library to save you the time on step 2.