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Captain Cook: Something Unbelievable Is Coming on the Way at Apple

June 1st, 2012 by DVDFab_Malcolm 13,651 views

Local time, in the evening of May 29, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, when presenting at the 10th All Things Digital conference sponsored by Wall Street Journal, is quoted by indicating that something unbelievable is coming on the way at Apple. As always been happening at Apple, captain Cook refuses to leak more, despite the positive denial of the long rumored iTV. By using this trick, Apple keeps playing hard-to-get games.



What is something unbelievable? Based on Apple fans’ speculations, they might cover:


iPhone: First, about the name of its 6th generation iPhone, there have been rumors. Will it be called iPhone 5, or the new iPhone, just like the new iPad? Captain Cook, when asked about the rules for naming iPhones, states that from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS, “S” means speed, and “S” in iPhone 4S means “Siri”, instead of so rumored “iPhone for Steve”. But, when it comes to the 6th generation iPhone, Cook does not mention more about its official name. Concerning the screen size, all the people are expecting and believing the Apple will, for sure, make its next iPhone bigger, 3.9 or 4.0 inch are the most wanted in general. Beyond everyone’s estimation, Captain Cook, on the contrary, says at the D10 conference, that we (Apple) have one phone with one screen size. Is this an indication that the upcoming new iPhone will still keep that 3.5 screen, which is against all people’s wishes? Never speak firmly about one product until it is finally released. This is the built-in concept at Apple and, it is its culture. Steve believes in that and so Captain Cook will not give it up.


iPhone Mini (or iPhone Nano?): Android camp is cannibalizing Apple’s territory by seas of smartphone models and tons of manufacturers. It seems that it is impossible for Android to steal Apple’s thunder at the high-end level customers, but Apple does not have counterpart for the lower end of the market, which is now firmly taken by millions of Android phones, and some other minor players, such as the beginner Windows phone and the former Symbian phones. Although Apple has unmatched advantages at high-end levels, it increasingly feels the pressure of Android, especially when Samsung releases its Galaxy SIII. Will there be an iPhone Mini (another version called iPhone Nano?) so that it can reshuffle the lower-end sector of the smartphone? If the answer is positive, then, there will surely be an earthquake coming around the corner, before any so called iPhone killer kills iPhone, iPhone Mini will kill them all. Who can survive the war? Just see the long queues longing for any newly released iPhone. The answer is not hard to find.


iPad Mini: Similarly to the iPhone Mini, the iPad Mini is also highly expected by Apple enthusiasts. It has been long rumored that a 7 inch iPad is making its way to the customers. Hopefully this is true. Taking into consideration that Apple has no mid level and lower level tablets for the time being, many other manufacturers are sparing no efforts to roll out their own tablet PCs. Sometimes, losing chance means losing market. Among these competitors, Kindle Fire from Amazon is the most competent one, which has already taken a large portion of market share. Will Apple really take actions to extinguish the Kindle Fire? Time is precious!


Most of the times, rumors are rumors, but sometimes, they are not. Whether or not the iPhone 5 will take a 3.9 or 4.0 even 4.5 inch screen, whether or not there are iPhone Mini (iPhone Nano) and iPad Mini coming on the way, we are playing guess works. The only thing we are sure for now is that the six-day long WWDC 2012 is around the corner, everything will surface one after another in ten days.


More patience and stay tuned.