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BDMV – REC, but not BDAV, Is the Better Cinavia Solution?

June 22nd, 2011 by DVDFab_Malcolm 122,695 views

Have you met troubles in playing Cinavia protected Blu-ray discs? Let’s talk about it easier, when you are trying to play a Blu-ray disc, after some time, a message appears and states that “The current disc is protected by Cinavia”, after the message, the audio shall be muted and the playback ceased. What will you do with the disc? Threw it away? It is a waste of money, as you have paid for it. In this article, we mainly introduce the solutions for Cinavia protected discs.

As mentioned above, we can only see the message which tells us our disc is protected by Cinavia, but what is Cinavia? Why does the audio of the disc muted?

Cinavia is a digital right management system newly developed and applied in some playing devices such as Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) firmware 3.10 or higher, Pioneer BDP-V6000, LG BDP550 (fw: 8.31.283.C), and so on. This Cinavia require two parts to work: a propriety of imperceptible audio water mark and the hardware that can detected the water mark. This is why the sound of your disc might be muted due to Cinavia protection. Then, is it possible to make the disc played back normally?

Currently, DVDFab is the first multimedia software that provides solutions for Cinavia protected Blu-ray discs. It allows you to create BDMV-REC disc and you may choose the output as BD 50 / BD 25. Meanwhile, you may also choose to copy the whole disc or just copy the main movie. The BDMV-REC disc is exactly the same as the original discs, it contains menus, interactivity, BD Live and so on. However, not every BD player can support BDMV-REC discs. Thus, some people proposed to create BDAV discs to solve all the problems. BDAV disc has much better compatibility and can be played back on more devices. Perhaps, you don’t know the difference of the two disc types, now let’s get down to the details.

BDMV – REC is short for recordable BDMV, BDMV (Blu-ray Disc Movie) is a Blu-ray disc format that allows Blu-ray titles and a menu. BDMV Discs contains contain audio, video, and other streams in Blu-ray’s BD-AV (MPEG-2 TS) Container. BDMV Disc is becoming more and more popular for its bright features; it is expected to replace the standard definition DVDs. It can support both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) videos.

Supported resolutions for HD video are 720p (1280×720 Progressive), 1080i (1920×1080 Interlaced), and 1080p (1920×1080 Progressive).

BDAV refers to either the transport stream format used for all Blu-ray content, or the plain format intended for home video with no interactivity.  BDAV container format is based on the MPEG2-TS ( transport stream), both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs are using BDAV, and it is said to be the only unencrypted Blu-ray formats supported on Blu-ray Players. But BDAV is primarily designed to hold simple audio and videos, so it can’t support menu or interactivities.

After reading the above info on BDMV and BDAV, let’s make it simple, BDMV is much more powerful in features and interactivities than BDAV, it allows menu option and holds high definition videos. While BDAV has a powerful compatibility and BDAV discs has no encrypted content, but it is only designed to hold simple audios and videos, that’s to say, BDAV discs may have lower video quality when compared with BDMV discs.

Everything seems clear now, BDMV – REC disc should probably the better solution for Cinavia protected Blu-ray discs at present, but it has some compatibility problems. It can’t support all BD players, but in some popular devices such as Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) firmware 3.10 or higher, Pioneer BDP-V6000, Marantz UD5005LG , BDP550 (fw: 8.31.283.C), Denon DBP-1611UD, etc. BDMV-REC is apparently the better choice now.

How to create BDMV – REC?

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy firstly supports Cinavia protection in the world and can lead you out of the above plight. How does it work? Blu-ray Copy now can copy any Blu-ray disc with Cinavia watermark, and create a protected disc (BDMV-REC) to disable Civania for playback on PS3. Keep in mind that you can only accomplish this in either “Full Disc” or “Main Movie” mode using Blu-ray Copy, check “Create Protected Disc (BDMV-REC) to disable Cinavia” option, and choose output as BD 50 / BD 25.

Till now the only disadvantage of BDMV – REC is the compatibility problems. DVDFab working team will continue to seeking for better solutions for Cinavia protected discs, perhaps, in the future version of DVDFab, you will see more features added. Interested to know the DVDFab update or technical trends at first time? You may register our newsletter or pay close attention to our official website: http://www.dvdfab.com

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