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June 4th, 2014 by Fengtao 18,028 views

BDInfo is a well-known tool that is able to display the video and audio tehnical specifications of Blu-ray discs. It can also create reports that contain detailed information on disc size and features, playlists and clips, but also codecs parameters including actual bitrates.


Because BDInfo is a standalone tool that does not include decryption, one needs to use a third party tool, such as DVDFab Passkey, to decrypt a Blu-ray disc first then load it in BDInfo.


We thought to provide a shortcut to that, since we have all that information too, DVDFab is able now to create such BDInfo compatible reports also. The new option needs to be enabled in Settings, Blu-ray, Blu-ray Information.




Because we like the original tool very much and because we know how important it is for those who create the reports to still have all the features from the original in, we have tried to respect the format as much as possible, only enhancing it.


DVDFab is able to report some new features that are outlined below:


1.New protections: structural protections (such as Sony DADC Screen Pass) and audio watermark Cinavia


2.New extras: Hybrid discs and Mastered in 4K.


3.Old protections with enhancements: AACS will have its version specified and BD+ will have its timestamp.




When the disc source is opened, the reports are saved to a folder that is specified in the Settings page. Also, when a disc is backed up, a full report with actual bitrates (for variable bitrate tracks) is available and will replace the quick one.


The order of listing the playlists is determined by the runtime; the order is descending, with the preferred playlist listed first (important for Structural protection discs).


Please note that this is a beta feature. Next we will add caching and custom ordering and selection of playlists in sync with DVDFab interface.