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At the Eve of WWDC 2016: What Do You Expect from Apple the iPhone Maker?

June 13th, 2016 by DVDFab_Malcolm 17,496 views

Apple’s 27th Worldwide Developer Conference, abbreviated as WWDC, is due tomorrow June the 13th, what do you expect most from the iPhone maker this year? As we all know, Apple’s developer conference is most about the software level, so don’t expect anything on hardware level, as undoubtedly Apple will showcase the next version of its most proud iOS platform at its biggest software-centered conference, alongside with others like the Apple Music, Apple Pay, Siri for Mac, and etc.


iOS 10


It is not hard to learn from Apple’s practice in the past that the preview version of iOS 10 will be rolled out at this year’s WWDC, introducing some main feature updates, and in the meantime, retaining a few other features for the iPhone release event in fall. What’s more, from iOS 9’s release process, it is also easy to assume that the iOS 10 developer’s build will be available shortly after the conference, following by the public beta version which shall fix more bugs. As to the official version, we will have to wait for the next generation of iPhone release. Anyway, as the innovation on the iPhone hardware gradually fades day by day, iOS 10 has to take the responsibility to draw large attention from the audience. So let’s just wait for the wows tomorrow, which are only a few hours to go.


Apple Pay


Rumors have been flying everywhere that Apple will at this year’s WWDC announce its payment solution available to website, which will surely facilitates its iOS users by allowing them to purchase items from the partnered websites. This means Apple Pay will become a convenient payment alternative to PayPal when checking out, which could be an encouraging sign to iPhone users. Different to PayPal, consumers will have to use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on their iPhones to proceed with the transactions. As of now, it is still not clear whether the solution shall be available only to the Safari, or it could be used with any browser application on the Mac. But, we are just a few hours away from unveiling the fact, so let’s be a little more patient.


Apple Music


An earlier Bloomberg report reveals that Apple has been planning to re-introduce its music service, which has been initially launch for just one year. If this turns out to be true, it could mean really a lot to Apple, because when first stepping into the music streaming market, it already lags behind its major rival Spotify. To make the situation even worse, the feedbacks from the subscribers are far away from exciting or encouraging, most of who are complaining its unfriendly user interface. Even the now extremely popular singer Taylor Swift is fiercely criticizing Apple’s royalty fee policy…All of these finally help Apple make its mind on the re-launch proposal. What does this can possibly mean? Hopefully, consumers will be able to see the revamped UI plus the improved streaming and downloading experience, and also an expanded radio service.


Siri for Mac


MacRumors, a famous place where hundreds of rumors on Apple are housed, gives us a quite interesting claim that Apple would very much possible to bring Siri to Mac. They even say they have grabbed enough evidence including both some images and icons Siri shows up in the Mac dock and menu bar. According to their sources, the icon in the menu bar features the word “Siri” surrounded by a black outline, and the icon for the dock features a design of colorful waveform. This seems quite interesting! MacRumors is not the only one stating Siri’s showcase on Mac. Another major Apple-centered media 9to5Mac also claimed one year earlier that Apple was already readying a redesigned version of Siri for its desktop operating system.


Besides the above mentioned highlights, what do you expect to see at Apple’s annual developer conference, dear readers? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.