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Approaching the 40,000th Download: DVDFab Media Player Starts Its Way to Massive Popularity in Mac App Store

September 13th, 2014 by DVDFab_Malcolm 14,605 views

Since making the first appearance in the Mac App Store on June 14, 2014, DVDFab Media Player, the industry leader when it comes to Blu-ray playback solution, has been doing a pretty impressive job. And today on Sept. 12, it receives its 40,000thdownload, reaching a turning point on its journey to a foreseeable massive popularity in the MAS. Why is it able to do such an impressive startup in a period of less than three months? There are several major reasons to dig. Read on for the detailed story.


Overcome Tons of Difficulties to Board the MAS


As it has been well known to developers, to join the MAS is not an easy job, because Apple puts tons of hard restrictions on the apps that want to be parts of this most developed yet closed ecosystem. To name just one, the infamous Sandboxing policy, was the trouble maker that made MPlayerX quit the MAS two years ago. However, Fengtao Software has invested huge effort to overcome these difficulties, and finally brought its Mac Blu-ray player to the MAS on June 14, 2014.


Cost Free but Armed with Killer Features


The first version of DVDFab Media Player appeared in the MAS was the version 2.0.06. As a freeware, it is slightly different from the regular versions available at DVDFab official website, in terms of features and functionality, because to join the MAS, it must be abided by the hard restrictions mentioned above, and to abbey those rules means to give up something. That said, DVDFab Media Player MAS Version stills offers several killer features, such as, to play back DVD/Blu-ray ISO image files with playlist mode (Simple Mode), to play back HEVC (H.265), UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 4K videos, to display external subtitles, and to take screenshot anytime necessary, etc.


Periodical Update to Meet the Growing Appetite


Update is the soul of an application. Once the update is discontinued, the life cycle of that app is approaching to an end. Bearing this in mind, developers at Fengtao Software has set up a tight schedule to make sure their MAS version is periodically updated. The key aspect of such frequent updates is to roll out new features, so that the increasing demands are satisfied and people’s multimedia life is constantly improved. For example, the playback support of HEVC, UHD and 4K videos are the new killer features available in the latest version of 2.0.08.


Listen to Customers’ Voices and then Make Improvements


In order to provide better service to the customers of media player, Fengtao Software has done tons of effort including, but not limited to, setting up a special team working only on media player products, building an additional Feedback page, which differs from their regular contact page, and adding a download link for the MAS version on its re-optimized product page, setting up separate Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account, etc. Just like what they put on their Feedback page, “Your Feedback = Our Driving Force, Your Satisfaction = Our Persistent Pursuit”, if they really translate this motto into practice, a massive popularity is just a matter of time.


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