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New Feature DVDFab Video Downloader Downloads Videos Online

January 19th, 2015 by DVDFab_Malcolm 160,126 views

Video Downloader is a new feature as an add-on of DVDFab. And it’s Free if you have an activated DVDFab Video Converter, DVD Creator or Blu-ray Creator . It allows users to directly download videos from YouTube and other video websites, and these videos then can be, as the source of DVDFab, converted to other video/audio formats or created to DVDs or Blu-rays.


* Video Downloader feature is included in:

DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator


* Video websites it supports currently, and the list will go on:





* How to use Video Downloader to download video

For Video Converter users or DVD/Blu-ray Creator users, when choosing “Converter” or “Creator” in DVDFab, you can see the Download button.


Click this button then you are coming to the Video Downloader interface. If you haven’t downloaded the add-on, after clicking Download you’ll be asked to download the add-on first. Do it. After the download finished, you’ll be led to the Video Downloader > Online Video screen.



Choose a video website option to go to the website. Open a video you want to download, and a Download button will appear on the top right of the video screen. Click the button to select your favorite resolution then download. This requires the CPU of your computer shouldn’t be older than Intel Pentium 4.


Switch to Download besides Online Video, then you can check all the download tasks and their status there, view the download progress, pause/resume download, cancel tasks, etc.


A downloaded video can be loaded in Converter or Creator by clicking “To Converter” or “To Creator”. Then the journey for video conversion or DVD/Blu-ray creation should begin.


You can download the latest DVDFab beta to try out the new Video Downloader feature at: http://www.dvdfab.cn/mlink/download.php?g=DVDFAB9_BETA



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  • John

    The download never finishes. It just shows progress to the end, but never completes.

  • John

    Some discussion….no one ever responds. Some videos download and complete, some completely download 100% progress bar and the progress bar just sits there and acts like it is still downloading. The only options are Pause or Cancel. Is there any help for this cheesy add-on???

  • Pete

    I get “Failed” with no explanation or tips to resolve it.

  • EdJr

    Does video converter download any and all videos from youtube?

  • muhsingyu

    支持盗版!盗版万岁!感谢 DVDFab!

  • George

    I successfully downloaded a video, but when I play the file the English subtitles have disappeared. Is there a setting that I should be using to include subtitles?

  • La

    When will we be able to this on the BBC.COM. Or can anyone suggest a current method of doing this?

  • Bobby B.

    A bit late with a reply… I use a freeware called EagleGet and not much stands in it’s way. Hope this helps.

  • Ange Alexiel

    one good thing to know from a siaapointed mac user who have paid the full lifetime package for 299€ , is that for example this option is not on the mac version 1 year later it’s announcement… so i feel , i should have done like most ppl, boot onto my windows partition and download a non legal version of dvdfab to have the real deal as i feel a bit disapointed, + i didnt get the amazon gift card, and less than a month later the cinevia removal tool is out for windows and mac , that’s great, but for anyone who have bought at least a 4 years 5 years or a lifetime liscence so close to the release of a new addition to DvDFab ( like a month or so …) , it should be offered

  • VCD

    Average Compression

    I a hope that you will, as you CAN integrate the abilities of Avidemux, shrinking without quality loss (1gb to 300mb for example), to make a better program.

  • mo

    the video downloader does not work. The video on Youtube is buffering and buffering and no download button appears. Is there a solution?

  • al

    Hey, is anyone else out there pissed off that we are now having to pay an additional $50 to authorize additional computers to use DVDfab when we could do this prior to updating the program. RIPPOFF!!!