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DVDFab Mini — Get Things Done with the Least Steps Possible

November 7th, 2016 by DVDFab_Malcolm 16,234 views

Evolution of DVDFab and the Introduction of DVDFab Mini


After more than 13 years’ evolution, DVDFab has made its way to version 10. Looking back, whenever a major upgrade comes out, there must be some new features, products, or functions added in, and accompanying those newly added features are some inevitable increase in the interface complexity, no matter how slight it might be, it is actually there. However, this does not mean that the pursuit of the better user experience has been somewhat compromised. Instead, in order to minimize that feeling, developers at DVDFab come out with this mind-blowing concept — reinventing DVDFab 10, and eventually they present us with the all-new DVDFab Mini.

Don’t be confused! DVDFab Mini is not a standalone product branched out of DVDFab 10, but more interestingly, another way to use DVDFab 10 with the simplified interface layouts, or to be more specifically, with the most basic feature sets, like we switch our smart phone into the flight mode after boarding a plane. If there is one word to describe DVDFab Mini, it is all about simplicity.




How Exactly DVDFab Mini Works Different from DVDFab 10


Like mentioned above, DVDFab Mini does not have its own installer program, it will be installed automatically and simultaneously when users install DVDFab 10 on their computers. Upon finishing the installation of DVDFab 10, there will be two shortcut icons appeared on the desktop, one is for the fully-featured DVDFab 10, and the other for the simplified DVDFab Mini. Despite the fact that DVDFab Mini and DVDFab 10 are installed once and for all, the two versions of DVDFab do not work at the same time, which is to say, if DVDFab 10 is already opened, clicking the desktop icon of DVDFab Mini does not start up the simplified version, vice versa. The intention behind this design is more than obvious – if all you care about is get your task done without having to set up all those complicated parameters, then you go with DVDFab Mini, but if you belong to those who want to put all the details under your command and would like the output result to meet your very special requirements, then you can stick with DVDFab 10.


Where to Download DVDFab Mini


To use DVDFab Mini, users have to install the latest Alpha version of DVDFab 10, which is available only from its official forum for the time being at http://forum.dvdfab.cn/forumdisplay.php?f=69, and for the detailed explanation to guide you through the initial process, you can refer to the online manual for DVDFab Mini at http://www.dvdfab.cn/manual/introduction/DVDFab-Mini

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    Thanks .. its a really amazing software

  • Joseph Scheri

    DVD fab 10 worksgoodk but the DVD player 5 is a nightmare. I never had so much aggravation in my life. I don’t know why. A few months ago I contacted them and the woman had me delete it and what ever files were left on my computer and reinstall it. Of coarse that didn’t work. I don’t know what they are sending but Microsoft essentials shuts it down freezing up my computer. I contacted them again a couple of days ago and requested my money back and they said they couldn’t do it and preceded to ask questions about the problem. I said to late for that and I wanted a refund. The woman just ignored what I was saying and kept asking what the problems were. Then I really got angry. So I am letting everyone know that the dvd fab player 5 is useless to me. And I hope the same thing does not happen to you. Do not buy the dvd fab player 5 my goodness what a piece of garbage!

  • Joseph Scheri

    I say again do not buy the dvd fab player 5 save your money and buy a different dvd plyer software.