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March 21st, 2013 by Fengtao 11,146,549 views


In the tradition of providing the user with more and better info, DVDFab is proud to introduce a new analysis tool called: BluPath. Starting from the DVD PathPlayer idea and having the experience of creating DVDFab Media Player, we enhanced the DVDFab products with the capability to run discs as if they were played by a full-featured blu-ray player.


How it works

Whenever necessary, DVDFab products can run a disc through an internal blu-ray player with no visible screen, at super-fast speed, usually up to the main menu. There it can see which playlist the user would choose to play the movie. As it simulates what a user would experience, sometimes it does not reach the main menu, because it stops at the region protection card. That situation is detected as a locked region and marked in the regions mask with an underscore (eg. ‘_B ‘ means that it’s locked for region A, works with region B and it’s not tested for region C).



Here are some of the achievements that can be accomplished with it:


  • For users who like to extract the Main Movie from their discs, Sony DADC created a protection called Screen Pass to hide the Main Playlist of a disc among other, sometimes hundreds, fake playlists.
    DVDFab came with StealthyClone anti-protection, specifically with an algorithm to find the correct playlist. While the algorithm works very well with most of the protected discs, we went one step further and now we get the main playlist from the main menu of the disc. So for all discs, not just those with Sony’s protection, DVDFab products will display the Main Playlist.
  • For discs that are region-locked, the process described above can automatically find the correct region that will allow access to the main menu. Therefore, it eliminates the need of user-input or default input regarding the region code.
  • A second run of the internal blu-ray player after the disc was stripped of protections gives us the chance to inform the user if the Full Disc backup is advisable. Only sometimes and with newer discs may such a verification fail due to updated protections. This way the user can postpone the backup a bit, until an update of DVDFab can confirm a safe operation.
  • All of the above achievements will be read from the server for most of the users. Only the user that opens a new disc for the first time with DVDFab products will experience the delay due to the internal player being run. For everyone else it’ll be very fast.
  • Having the disc information cached on server will allow us not only to provide a quicker response to new protections, but also to assist users who could not tell us they had a problem with some discs, because of the language barrier.

This addition provides a framework for future developments.
Also, we reorganized the presentation of protection removal in a more concise way.

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  • ScorpionSingz

    I love your “as described” trustworthy softwares and your constant research and developmental updates. You all deserve your successes!

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  • Kilroy

    I’m trying to make a Backup-Copy of my “Game Of Thrones / Season 1” BluRays and am receiving the following Message from DVDFab Passkey V8.2.3.0 : “BluPath: full disc copy/play may not be supported or could not check that!”. This is very curious because I have already backed-Up my “Season 3” Disks. Does anyone have any Ideas ? Have “Lifetime” Licenses of Passkery and DVDFab…

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  • Charlie Reffitt

    Where do i find the region DVDFab 9 to change it?

  • Charles Hawkins

    What the hell? Why does DVD Fab make it so difficult? It says “region A” and then doesn’t do anything.

  • matt

    I tried converting a new music Blu – ray disc to DVD, but I failed on the way. Please tell me how to do it. The log at that time is below.

    CUDA GPU acceleration for video decoding enabled
    : 20:57:36
    Source( 00002.m2ts )
    : 20:57:36
    Work 1 failed, Error = 504.00 0 error: filter name(503.01), type(2), id(1), get module_error(502.04 7 706 1)

    : 20:57:42