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3D at Home is Next to Impossible?

May 18th, 2012 by DVDFab_Malcolm 15,129 views

Given the fact that 3D movies are booming, if not yet flooding, movie indulgers find themselves increasingly addicted to the super cool experiences brought by 3D Blu-ray’s. To a large extent, every single progress made in 3D movie authoring technology field will inevitably drive the upgrades of corresponding sectors, by saying so, I mean cinemas and theatres worldwide. That’s because cinemas and theatres have to upgrade their firmware’s to cope with the latest achievements.

Question: How often do you visit these highly equipped cinemas or theaters to emerge yourself into the top audiovisual experiences? Twice per month, or maybe just once? Yep, no one, I think, will deny the fact that going to cinemas and theatres is the best choice if you want an optimized 3D atmosphere. But, I am also confident that everybody would agree that going to cinemas and theatres is a budget necessary job. Even to those who do not care about the tickets expenses, he or she may care about time.


There is a way out, although it will also cost you some hard earned money in the first stage. But, at least, the investment returns. Yeah, I definitely mean watching 3D movies at home. Let’s see what we need to do so. To enjoy 3D movies at home, we need the following: A 3D Television, monitor or projector, a pair of 3D glasses, a 3D Blu-ray Player and, 3D Blu-ray movie or disc. Some may complain, well, not everybody can afford a 3D TV, nor a 3D projector. Don’t worry, there is still another simpler way, you just need a computer, a pair of 3D glasses, a 3D video source, and a 3D capable media player software.


3D TV: Absolutely the most common option as far as watching 3D movies at home is mentioned. With the booming industry, more and more manufacturers are biting this big cake, coming out with various 3D TV modules in their work line.


3D Projector: This is a choice for those who in the wish of DIY-ing a homemade theatre which is capable of projecting 3D movies. It will project two images with slight differences, and then the special 3D glasses enable you to split these images to each eye, producing the 3D effect.


3D Monitor: If you don’t want to buy a 3D TV, nor want to construct a self-made cinema at home, then you probably can get a 3D monitor and a 3D video card for your computer, as well as an external Blu-Ray player hooked up to your PC.


3D Laptop: watch 3D movies on the go? A bright idea! Then, a 3D capable laptop will serve as your best option. Despite a comparatively smaller screen, at least, you can still deepen yourself into the depth of wonderfulness brought by 3D movies.


3D Glasses: 3D glasses can be divided into two categories: passive and active. Active 3D glasses interact wirelessly with images on a screen to enhance 3D viewing, whereas passive glasses do not. Passive 3D glasses are again subdivided into anaglyphic and polarized glasses.


3D Blu-ray Player: To view 3D movies on 3D Blu Ray’s, a 3D Blu Ray player is indispensable. But, not all Blu Ray players are 3D capable. So, make sure you have one, if not, get one from appliance stores nearby or online. Nowadays, there are many choices from various producers, such as Sony, Samsung etc.


3D Media Player Software: Beside the well known 3D media players like Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player and Stereoscopic Player in the first place, more and more media players are 3D enhanced, to name a few, TotalMedia Theatre 5, PowerDVD 11, DVDFab Media Player etc. Choose one that best meets your criteria.


3D at home is next to impossible? It’s time to say NO!

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  • ann rain

    I own a 3D TV and have preferred the viewing experience on it to the cinema, but I hear the new 4k Hobbit blows all other 3D away so I will wait and see that at the movies.

  • http://www.dvdfab.com DVDFab-Johnson

    You may see that movie in the theatre at first, then if you may buy a disc and enjoy it at home.

  • Rock Starr

    I have no interest in 3D. I’ve seen the movies and they’re okay, but most movies don’t belong in the 3D format. I’ll watch a movie in 2D instead and enjoy it more, because there is no irritating inner ear motion, no glasses with the annoying surrounding frames to notice in my peripheral vision, better on-screen color, no out-of-focus screens, and I don’t have to support a big corporation contrived scheme to “recycle” the glasses so that by the time the glasses are no longer usable, the company has made megabucks off of one pair. Thank you, but I kept the first ones I paid for and use those when the theatre wants me to pay for another pair. What a scam! I have noticed that many theatres have quit charging extra for the glasses, but conveniently concealed the cost into higher ticket prices. I’ll wait for a better technology to come around, thank you.