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Brief Summary of DVDFab’s Solutions to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

January 29th, 2018 by DVDFab_Malcolm 12,245 views

As the evolution in the film and TV industries continues, it’s just a matter of time for the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, the next-gen medium for commercial movie releases, to reign. After all, serious movie consumers won’t compromise on any of the advantages the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays can offer, not the better pixels and sharper images, nor the HEVC and HDR technologies that revolutionized the film industry.


Now that we have the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays at home, how to back up those expensive discs becomes a primary problem. No need to panic, though, DVDFab is here to help you with this matter. Basically, DVDFab’s solutions to the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays can be summarized as the Decryption Solution, Copy Solution, Conversion Solution, and Playback Solution.


Read on to learn how each of these solutions works for you.


The Decryption Solution — It’s probably not appropriate to call it a real decryption solution, due to the fact the DVDFab itself does not decrypt the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, which is also to adhere to the previous statement not to crack the AACS 2.0 encryptions. However, this does not prevent from DVDFab allowing users to use the “leaked keys from Internet” to decrypt the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays with unauthorized UHD-friendly drives. That said, if the leaked keys do not contain the specific movie you have, you might need a 3rd party decrypting tool, such as the DeUHD.


To make the leaked keys to work, you need to load the external key file at Common Settings > Blu-ray > UHD. This applies to both DVDFab 10 and Passkey 9.


The Copy Solution — As of now, DVDFab 10 has three backup modes in its UHD Copy module to handle the backup needs on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, the Full Disc mode, Main Movie mode and the Clone mode. Furthermore, there are three output options, BD100 2160p, BD50 2160p and BD25 2160p, under both the Full Disc and Main Movie Modes, while with the Clone mode, the output size can only be BD100. The advantage is, no matter which mode you choose, both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision video quality will be preserved in the process.


Additionally, the BD50 2160p and BD25 2160p option allow users to save the compressed content on computer HDDs as ISO files, folders and/or burn them to blank BD50/25 discs. However, with the BD100 2160p option or the Clone mode, users cannot burn the resulting content to BD XL discs. This is to consider the unfavorable compatibility conditions between burnt BD XL discs and hardware 4K HUD Players from various manufacturers.


That being said, if you really prefer a hard copy while still want a 1:1 lossless replicate over a compressed lossy backup, no matter how slight the actual compression rate might be, you can burn the resulting ISO file in BD100 2160p size made by the Full Disc mode or the Clone mode to blank BD XL discs, with the help of 3rd party burning tools capable of doing so.


But, before you do that, you have to be 100% sure that your 4K UHD Player is compatible with burnt BD XL discs. So far as we know, the following 4K UHD Players are capable of playing back burnt 100GB BD XL discs:


Panasonic UB900 for the European market (yeah, we’ve tested this machine)
Panasonic UB700 (not tested yet)


The following 4K UHD Players cannot handle burnt 100GB BD XL discs but still can play back burnt BD50/25 discs:


OPPO 203 and 205
Panasonic UB400 for the Chinese market
Samsung K8500
LG 970


The Conversion Solution — Aside from the Copy module, the UHD Ripper module in DVDFab 10 can also handle unprotected 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. There are 4 conversion profiles, namely, the MKV Passthrough, M2TS Passthrough, MKV.4K.H265.10bit and M2TS.4K.H265.10bit, can convert 4K UHD Blu-rays. The first two profiles can produce lossless MKV/M2TS files that are of the original video quality, while the latter two shrink the original contents to a comparatively smaller size, yet still offer the best video quality possible.


The Playback Solution — Having discussed the decryption, copy and conversion solutions, now it’s time to talk about the playback solution. Without the help of a 3rd party decryption tool, the reinvented DVDFab Player 5 cannot directly play back the genuine 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, however, similar to the DVDFab 10 and Passkey 9, it also allows users to watch the 4K UHD Blu-ray discs with the help of leaked keys from internet on an UHD-friendly drive hooked up to a PC.


To play back the ISO files and folders made by DVDFab 10, DVDFab Player 5 or the Movie Server is the best solution, as both offer native menu navigation support and HDR10 support on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

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  • Karel ‘Carlos’ Brázda

    DVDFab10 Creator (updated to yesterday) working on a BD-XL (100GB, 2 movies 3840x2160p) for 24h but the progress stopped at 2% 18h ago, and ‘estimated time left’ is on ’00:00:00′ since about 15h. And i didn’t find any possibillity to create a menu for the disk. And, something else: the converted .m2ts files can’t be played by any software i own….